PPE Hand Sanitizer


PPE Hand Sanitizer

My company manufactures Caribbean Mist hand sanitizer. The formulation is based on the March 2020 FDA guidance on compounding guidelines for consumer and healthcare use. Consumer demand for hand sanitizers that meet the 99% alcohol raw material and 75% alcohol level requirements in the fight against COVID – 19 are higher than ever!

Most consumers are unaware that the majority of hand sanitizers marketed today do not meet the FDA’s strict demands. The 1oz dropper size provides consumers with the confidence that they could always take their sanitizing requirements on the go in their pockets, purses, or backpacks! Other products are fillers/gateways.

Available In:

1oz and 2oz


55 Gallon

“We have been using Carribean Mist and now cannot find it in any stores. Giant Food Stores in Baltimore have discontinued carrying it. Your product is the only one that we can use to treat laundry from the nursing home where my sister is a resident. Can we order direct? Many thanks.”


Fred Dreyer-Baltimore   Maryland

“I just wanted to let you know that in my opinion your product, Carribean Mist, beats Febreeze. Is there a store near Augusta that sells it? I had a really bad odor in my truck, and I tried everything that I could think of. With your product, I finally found something that really works no matter what needs deodorizing. Thanks for coming up with something that actually works.”


Patricia L. Nicho   Augusta, GA

“I just wanted to say I love your products. They are not tested on Animals, Natural, Safe, and made right here in our Wyoming Valley, that is even greater! I use them, and I have recommended the Carribean Mist products to friends. Now they use them too. Thank You.”


Susan Bayer   Wilkes-Barre, PA


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As the only Diversity (African American) Company in America you will be supporting us with our 27 years experience giving you peace of mind when you use our products. We have the best prices and our prices will save you and your customers money while giving double the product for less, especially in this time of day while we’re in recession. Every cent counts. We can help grow your business with our Eco-Friendly, non- toxic and All natural products.